Rhea Micallef Gavin

Fashion Design (BA)

Specialist in: Print, Textile Development, Adobe, Illustration, Pattern cutting.

I Make: Fluid Menswear

“Maltese Farmboy dreams of 70’s Hollywood” is a unique story that depicts a youngMaltese ‘’man’’ dreaming of escaping Mediterranean culture with acidic and sun saturated lands to the Wes Anderson symmetrical glamour and freedom of 70sHollywood. A re-imagining of masculinity in response to today’s societal progression and what it means to be a non-conformist. Target Market is Generations Z’s Artistic youth. My aim is to produce a six outfit collection that is to bridge the gap between traditionalist methods such as painting, mono-printing, linocut, screen-printing and foiling with fashions’ digital print. Bringing new depth and more personal feel to a graduate collection. These methods encourage ‘’handmade’’ techniques which will also fight against fast fashion as they require more time and patience. Fabrications would include popularly ‘’Mediterranean’’ light linens, cottons and silks, farmers’ denim and cotton VS Hollywood’s Velvets. I aspire to develop into an effortless Mediterranean elegance meets the strange and beautiful.

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