Alexander Knight

Fashion Design (BA)

Specialist in: Draping

I Make: Womenswear and Print

My graduate collection is named Marilyns and Madonnas, and is an exploration of Catholic imagery and iconography through the lens of 1970s pop art, focusing in particular on the work of Andy Warhol and Corita Kent, known as the pop art nun. I wanted to contrast the bold colours and playful graphics of pop art with the ornate textures and monastic silhouettes of Catholicism to create this heightened, psychedelic procession of idols and icons; Marilyns and Madonnas.

In light of the current COVID-19 crisis, an additional project was offered to us to create an outfit on a digital avatar as a replacement for the catwalk show, and I loved this process of digital design so much I created two outfits. 

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