Victoria Eugenia Medina Sanz

Specialist in: photography,editing, creative direction, styling and journalism.

Spanish-born artist currently based in London. Has been passionate about fashion and the world of arts throughout her whole journey following her life motto, “Do it for the love of art”. Victoria Medina is currently a last year Fashion Promotion student at Ravensbourne University London. As she continues building her exit portfolio and website, also known as Fashion Aesthetics. Place where it reflects all her previous work, collaborations and projects. She demonstrates her gaining skills such as photography, editing, curation, and journalism. It can be seen that the content is defined by a clean, modern style yet colorful and eye-catching, showing a fiery red as the main pantone colour in contrast with black and white. As she closes a cycle, she is getting ready to start a new beginning and face the challenges of the new world with the mission of bringing joy and happiness with the power of love.

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