Temi Kuku

Specialist in: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, MS office

I Make: Fashion Buying, Bridal, Womenswear, Resale, Luxury

The luxury resale bridal market is predicted to grow and with this comes, newer innovations to expand the market. Millennials are seeking less expensive wedding dresses and stylish ex brides are seeking a platform to sell their wedding dresses to recoup the cost. According to the Efficiency Body Warp, “an estimated £30bn worth of unworn clothing hangs in UK wardrobes”. For most ex brides, one of those items are their wedding dresses.

This proposal intends to fill the resale bridal gap in the market with the introduction of a London based luxury resale bridal store. The luxury bridal resale market offers ex brides the opportunity to sell their dresses and brides a platform to acquire designer dresses for a fraction of the original price. This innovation has greatly contributed to sustainable values in the fashion industry and redefined the luxury market.

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