Shivani Gohil

Fashion Design (BA)

Specialist in: Concept Research and Development Print & Textiles Adobe software(Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design) 3D Design.

I Make: Womenswear and Print/Textiles

I am a BA Fashion design graduate from Ravensbourne University London. Throughout my degree I have specialised in Womenswear and developed my personal aesthetic inspired by the elegance of the female form. The key concepts I feel most enhance my aesthetic and sense of design are the focus through culture, art, structure and unusual form. With an eye for detail and exciting new texture, I enjoy transforming observational matters into a print or textile, bringing individuality to each collection is what I admire. Blurring the line between day and evening wear is a common theme throughout my designs. I have honed the skill of effortless draping, creating shapes that are bold yet holds the beauty of a woman’s figure. My final collection ‘Fusion’, portrays myself as a designer coming from a British Asian background, exploring the detail of the sari drape to the extensive shape of the British ballgown ‘fused’ together with traditional sweets and contemporary art.

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