Rosie Lukeywood

Specialist in: InDesign, Visual Merchandising, Photoshop, SketchUp

For my final major project I decided to research the women's swimwear market, after not being able to find what I wanted myself. After initial research it seemed that other women felt the same and from this I created Suima Swimwear. Suima’s USP is to provide women with swimsuits that are not revealing and let women swim without the stress of body confidence issues. 

During this project I was able to explore the growing passion I was developing for visual merchandising. During my development of Suima I was able to search for suitable properties, develop store lay plans, and send a supplier brief to a real props maker which gave me insight into the realities of fitting a store. Finally, I was able to design Suima’s store and fully visualise this in SketchUp.

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