Regina Jiang

Fashion Design (BA)

Specialist in: Creative pattern cutting, textile development and CAD - design development

I Make: Womenswear & Textiles

Cremaster Cycle and femmininity 

Gender is raw material for artist Matthew Barney. The feminine and the masculine, or some combination thereof, become zones of articulation within the narrative of the films. They set the precedent for the outer boundary of signifiers, which culturally express the sexual differentiation between the biological male and female body. 

The muse, Aimee Mullins, being both a model and an athlete with no legs challenges numerous categories and stereotypes for her sex. Her body, lean and reflecting the definition of ideal, is supported by glass prosthetics, which makes the seemingly fragile material appear solid. This is a powerful perversion of elegance and visual charm demonstrating potentiality and vigour.

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