Polly Dodds

Specialist in: Excel, InDesign, Photoshop, Marketing and Branding

My FMP was a Luxury Online Sample Sale platform for multiple luxury brands at one time. From the many sample sales I have attended, it became obvious that they are busy and chaotic, constantly having to climb over clothing on the floor. Revo.co was created to abolish the stress of these ordinary sample sales, with the USP’s being a hassle free platform, Accessible to all consumers, and stocking multiple brands. The aim is to provide a seamless service for both consumers and brands, whilst re claiming longer lives for these luxury pieces.

For Revo.co, I concentrated on the marketing pathway. Focussing on marketing would allow revo.co to reach the right audience and really communicate with the consumers. Throughout the year, I really developed a strong brand identity for Revo.co, which will make really make it stand out. As well as this, I managed to create a media plan which will allow Revo.co to engage with the consumers.

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