Olga Sukhikh

Specialist in: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, branding, marketing.

My Final Major Project was a jewellery brand proposal - ONATERI London. It is a luxury, fine jewellery brand that is inclusive, timeless and offers 100% product transparency. ONATERI London creates jewellery that makes a statement but does not overshadow owner’s personality and that is resilient to momentary fashion trends. The brand is committed to educate consumers about type and quality of materials used in its jewellery. Primary and secondary research revealed strong consumer need for high quality products, supported by the ability to personally assess the quality of the product and trace its origin. This project introduced me to different marketing strategies and solutions for communication with different consumer groups. It assisted me to improve my analytical skills and technical drawing skills (CAD). I have created a strong brand identity for this brand and have developed an in-depth understanding of a business budget and a media plan. 

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