Nanayaa Ntiri-Akuffo

Fashion Design (BA)

Specialist in: Concept Research & Development Print & Textile Design Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Creative Pattern Cutting.

I Make: Womenswear & Textiles

Across my 3 years at Ravensbourne I have specialised in Womenswear and formed a strong focus on the development of textiles through print, knit and fabric manipulation techniques. The way in which I work is very tactile, and I enjoy the endless possibilities of experimenting with different processes and techniques to create texture in innovative ways. With print and textiles being essential to my work, I often experiment with how these can assist in developing silhouettes. I hope to further my knowledge in creating custom textiles, as I perceive choice of fabrication to be essential in portraying the narrative of a concept. Through romantic blossoming silhouettes combined with textiles inspired by organic earthy textures, my final collection ‘Garden Pleasures’, explores how the heart of a woman and the heart of a flower both exposed and protected, bloom as one.

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