Lili Eastell-Adams

Fashion Design (BA)

Specialist in: Photoshop, Print Design, Costume, Colour Development, Creative Pattern Cutting.

I Make: Womenswear, Childrenswear and Accessories

My design identity is shown as being colourful and vibrant with a flamboyant and dynamic design. I like to experiment with textiles and print design placement within my work to deliver contemporary and visually stimulating garments.

I have a keen focus on being an ethical and sustainable designer with use of upcycled materials and reusing off cuts to make smaller items/ accessories and for the smaller more detailed areas of garments.

I have a natural ability to hand draw designs and am a creative pattern cutter with an exceptional attention for detail; this can be seen in my print design, cutting work and embroidery.

I am technically skilled in transferring paper based designs onto Adobe photoshop/Illustrator to create a professional finish to my work.

I would like my career to progress into either costume design for film and theatre or by working for a sustainable brand.

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