Jessica Crosby

Fashion Design (BA)

Specialist in: Photoshop, Creative Pattern Cutting, Garment manufacturing, Concept Research, Fashion Illustration

I Make: Womenswear

Exploring the trend within the early 1960s, course cram, where students all over America tried to cram as many students as possible into small area such as telephone boxes and vintage VW Beatles. This gave me the aspect of items and personality busting the seams trying to fit into a small space. Interrogating the attitude and aesthetic of the roller coaster of transitioning from teenage years into adulthood, specifically exploring the contrast between the life of Paddy and Liam, a photography documentary series by Perry Ogden based in one of Ireland’s remote Traveller communities combined with the traditional prep school rich kid and school girls. Looking at young people coming of age in such different ways will transpire a subtle contrast in my clothing design and styling. Creating womenswear ready to wear clothing that encompasses my ethos and aesthetic

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