Holly Brooks

Specialist in: Indesign, Marketing, Research, Consumer Analysis and Profiling, Trend Forecasting

My final major project, Mindful Wardrobe, is a brand extension of Monzo bank. Mindful Wardrobe is the first wardrobe management app to connect with a digital bank. It has been contrived to help users develop sustainable and fiscally responsible shopping habits. Heavily focused on sustainability, Mindful Wardrobe encourages users to only purchase new items if they are necessary. The app allows users to see a digitised version of their existing wardrobe, and it provides users with information about sustainability in fashion. As Mindful Wardrobe is linked with Monzo, it will allow users to set a monthly shopping budget that will link directly to their current bank balance.

With these features combined, users can have financial control and confidence over new purchases.

I care deeply about sustainable fashion and brands helping consumers to shop more carefully and sustainably. I would like to work for  brands that care about the welfare of their workers, pay them fairly, as well as provide them with care outside of their job roles. I also support brands that donate to notable causes. I am also interested in how our mental health can affect our shopping habits. I am excited about innovations that will make the fashion industry a more inclusive space for all consumers.

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