Hannah Prince

Fashion Design (BA)

'I'm Skint is a collection that aims to navigate and physicalise the complexity of family dramas. Using the notorious scripture 'The Retum of The Prodigal Son', which narrates a wastefully extravagant son who returns home with empty pockets, wanting more, after previously inheriting halt of his fathers estate. As a very nostalgic collection references to our childhood and our vision of our parents are prolific throughout. To represent generational differences, the use of garment archetypes that have expired in the modem day are integral to the core of the collection. Asa member of Generation Z I have had the pleasure of growing up in a hugely progressive society. Accessibility to the fundamentals of life has never been a problem and with that I believe our consumerism as a generation is prodigal. Excessive amounts of fabric have been condensed into garments to visually represent modern day overconsumption in the hopes people will begin to take accountability and change their habits. This is a collection that addresses two of the biggest global problems right now mindfulness and waste.

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