Davina Amajor

Fashion Design (BA)

Specialist in: Creative pattern cutting, 3D design development, CAD development, Adobe, Textiles Design

I Make: Menswear

Organs play essential roles in the human body, fabrics when assembled together can have many beneficial uses without being wasted. Within my final collection, I decided to create multi-functional garments through manipulating the simplicity of their initial form and silhouette. Inspired by the Kashmiris’ lifestyle of storing possessions and modern market stools, the use of rice bags and woven plastics drove me in the direction of regenerating something from being disposable to long-lasting. The attitude of my collection grew to be re-wearing clothes in unique ways but not being afraid to be seen in the same fabrics. The aim of my project was to embody the different ways garments appear when its materials are being utilised in different combinations. 

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