Claudia Bickers

Fashion Buying & Brand Management (BA)

Specialist in: Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Excel, Illustrator, Power point, supply chain, sustainability

My final major project was Olive Index, a research and educational platform, which defines what sustainability means within the fashion industry. The company aimed to generate clarity through presenting examples of ethical and sustainable practices. 

The company did this by this by curating report style information and bring in industry experts where needed. This valuable information was specifically aimed at helping small companies, where the gap in the market was identified. The site was separated into categories, environmental, ethical, fabrication, manufacturing and traceability. The information aimed to focus on impacts but also solutions for smaller companies. 

Throughout the development of the concept, the brand identity was born. Marketing plan for the company was built upon consumer and competitor research, to establish a successful schematic and media plan for the launch. This project elevated my overall knowledge of sustainability, marketing and my branding skills.

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