Catherine Rees

Fashion Buying & Brand Management (BA)

Specialist in: Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Excel, Marketing

My final major project was Ikomata, an eco-friendly, trend-led sunglasses brand, that aims to reduce plastic contribution and provide trend-led alternatives. Ikomata was inspired by the lack of trend-led silhouettes from eco-friendly sunglasses brands. Primary and secondary research showed that consumers were looking for eco-friendly sunglasses that provided trend-led options. Ikomata offers 12 silhouettes with an average of 4 colour options, aimed to target all our consumers’ needs. We wanted Ikomata to deliver the best alternative sunglasses that will make our consumers look good and feel good. 

By specialising in the marketing and communications pathway, Ikomata was the chance to expand my marketing knowledge and creatively experiment through the campaign photoshoot, website, and social media posts, along with revising a strong business plan. Creating a new, eco-friendly brand also allowed me to work freely with the branding, as well as designing the sunglasses.

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