Brigita Varkaviciute

Fashion Buying & Brand Management (BA)

Specialist at: InDesign, Marketing, Beginner at XD

My Final Major Project focuses on the educational app market. It is mostly catered for fashion students, entrepreneurs’, young brands or brands that need a freshen up. This app will be a digital extension for an already well-known book publisher Fashionary. It is a quite new concept and approach for the company in such a market.

I'm also a very strong believer on sustainability and eco-friendly industry. That's why I focus my dissertation about "Overconsumption in the fashion industry – How to change that?". In it I analyse the production of garments and tried to find a more adequate and moral solution in the industry. I am also very interested in production process itself, for that I chose to attend my internship at garment making factory in Lithuania called "Utenos Trikotazas".

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