Bradley Royer

Fashion Buying & Brand Management (BA)

Specialist in: Content Creation, Presenting, Brand Strategy, Business Strategy, Merchandising.

I Make: Inclusive and fluid fashion that inspires, empowers and enriches the lives of our followers.

CALVIN KLEIN is brand that consumers have loved for more than five decades. Our unwavering commitment to unfiltered self-expression through freedom of speech, acceptance and inclusivity inspires people to push for something better in their everyday lives. Our iconic marketing campaigns and provocative brand position has indiscriminately empowered millions of people around the globe. With 97% brand recognition [You Gov (2020)], we are in prime position to capitalise on new market potentials and lead our consumers to unrivalled liberation and self-love.

CALVIN KLEIN CK613  is a new inclusive, drop based business that will leverage brand heat and mirrored consumer values to become our consumers most treasured and trusted brand. CK613 will take advantage of CALVIN KLEIN’s global recognition and raw power to propel our house of brands towards the next chapter of iconic fluid story telling and rare market success.

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