Bethany Field

Specialist in: Photoshop, InDesign, Branding, Creative Direction & Photography

I Make: Graphic Designs, Social Media Content, Websites, Magazine Layouts, Illustrations & Photography

Hello, I'm an Essex/London based freelancer who focuses on graphic design, illustration and photography. My interest in the diversity of the fashion industry has led me to graduate from the vastly digital course of Fashion Promotion at Ravensbourne. Ambitiously trying to break the realm of the fashion industry, my motivated and innovative persona thrives as I work on projects that allow me to express myself, but also experience something new. This course has already encouraged me to work within the industry as I've interned for two fashion brands: Sundays London and Voir Fashion Magazine. These experiences broke me out of my comfort zone as I worked with industry figures, focused on the brands' social media and kept their feed up-to-date whilst creating content for their Instagrams and websites. I've gained skills including the Adobe Suite, professionalism and communication which illustrates my enthusiasm to start my career!

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