Anda Dumitriu

Fashion Buying & Brand Management (BA)

Specialist in: Excel, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Xd

My final major project consisted in a brand extension for ASOS. The idea was to create a personal styling service that would be accessible, affordable and provide outfits that the customer could preview and adjust before purchase. ASOS Styling is a subscription based service that was inspired by the lack of preview before purchase and affordable styling services. Extensive primary an secondary research showed that customers were looking for a professional opinion or for inspiration when shopping. 

We wanted ASOS Styling to deliver to customers the best shopping experience accessible at their finger tips from the comfort of their home. ASOS Styling offers a fast persoanlisation process where our users can skip any information they are not comfortable giving and then a preview of the final outfit picked by our AI based on the preferences and occasion chosen by the user. 

This project thought me how to dig deeper for the right information and further develop my analytical skills. It also allowed me to get a better understanding of the different marketing strategies available and how to use them.

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